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Providing a fast and convenient construction debris removal in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area.

Are You Looking For Construction Debris Removal In Fort Lauderdale?

Our Crew Will Do It

Our crew is trained and used to cleaning up messes. And this includes construction sites. We will be happy to load up pallets, drywall, lumber, wire, old doors, window, or whatever you need to be hauled away.

Save Time & Money

No need to waste any man-hours or time putting your crews to clean up. Leave them to do the construction and the work. We clean up the mess. We are fast and affordable and will save on the budget of your project.

Work With Contractors

We work directly with contractors and will be happy to be your future cleaning crew. We are small business owners just like yourself and understand planning out projects and budgets.

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Types Of Construction Debris Clean Up In Fort Lauderdale We Do...

Construction Clean Up

General Construction Debris

You know the usual type of trash and debris. Empty bags of cement, leftover lathing wiring, leftover plumbing, and even those empty cans of Monster energy drinks. We clean it all up.

Home Remodels

Home Remodels

If you're remodeling anything, you know old things have to come out. Old cabinets, contertops, shelving, even sinks and toilets. Let our boys handle it all so you can get back to building.

Construction Sites

If you are in need of someone to come help with cleaning up a construction site, we are here to handle the work. We got large trailers and equipment to handle any amount.

Construction Debris Removal

Construction Materials

We can pick it all up. Bags of trash. Left over lumber. Unused siding. Old roofing shingles and the asphalt paper underneath. Whatever you got lying around, we can haul it off so you don't have to.

Old Fencing

Old Fencing

When replacing a fence is needed and you need the old one hauled away, we are just a short call away. We take wood fencing, posts, plastic fencing, and even old metal ones too.

Old Carpeting & Flooring

Old Carpeting & Flooring

If you do re-carpeting and install new flooring, you know removing the old makes a giant mess. Why waste your time loading up that mess and hauling it away to the dump/. Let us do it for you.

Here Are The Steps That You Can Expect When Contacting Us…

Step #1

Give us a call for your 100% FREE estimate on construction debris removal.

Step #2

Text us over a picture of the mess We may give you an estimate right there & then!

Step #3

We give you your estimate & the day & time we can go and collect the debris.

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You don’t have to search much to find the best construction debris removal in Fort Lauderdale. You’ve landed on the right page. We have a professional and friendly crew that works directly with contractors. We are called On Time Junk Removal and we are here for you.

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