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On Time Junk Removal provides a fast and affordable Fort Lauderdale appliance removal service to help get rid of that unwanted & unused appliance once and for all!

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Don't have to worry about a thing because we'll take care of the entire process. Our friendly staff will show up at your home with our truck and gear ready for loading. Don't strain yourself by handling bulky items or driving them to get disposed of.

Save Time & Money

We are here to take care of you and your appliance. Though these units may be specialty items, we offer a great price for our services which include the load-up; hauling away of the unit, disposal by recycling it, or donating it if it still runs.


Properly disposing your old appliance in a way that's environmentally responsible. We take care of everything and make sure your old unit is dropped off at the best recycling centers in the area.

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The Fort Lauderdale Appliance Removals We Do...

Washers & Dryers

We make quick work of loading these things up and getting rid of them. If you have an old washer or dryer sitting outside, inside your home in need of getting removed, we can help.

Old Ranges

Old Stoves

When you're done with your old, dirty range and don't want to deal with the hassle of unhooking it and hauling it yourself, just give us a call. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.

Water heaters

Water Heaters

Once that old unit is no longer working make sure to get it hauled away and properly disposed of. Give us a call and we can help load it up on our truck and hauled away



A dishwasher is a dangerous machine with sharp edges and cords that could hurt you when removing it. We'll come right out, take care of that old unit quickly so you don't have to hurt yourself.

Old refrigerator sitting on red dolly being removed to be taken to recycling facility.


If you need to get rid of your broken or non-working fridge, we've got the muscle and gear needed. We can remove it and save your back and possible damage to your home. No job is too tough for us.

Large still BBQ grill sitting on curb

BBQ Grills

When your BBQ Grill is on its last leg and can't cook up your steak anymore, don't be sad! All that means is that it's time to upgrade to a better model! Give us a call so that we can remove and recycle the old BBQ Grill one for you.

Here Are The Steps That You Can Expect When Contacting Us…

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Give us a call for your 100% FREE estimate on applaince removal.

Step #2

Text us over a picture of your appliance We may give you an estimate right then!

Step #3

We give you your estimate & the day & time we can go and collect the unit.

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It can be tough disposing your old appliance. Time is valuable too, which means you don’t want the hassle or expense associated with hauling away big bulky items. That’s why our friendly staff will take care of everything for you. Call us now!

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On Time Junk Removal is a friendly, easy to work with, and on time junk removal company. We are located in Fort Lauderdale Florida and provide our 5-star rated services in all of Broward County and all the surrounding areas. 

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